Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Color Outlook: the white model is very attractive

LetsGoDigital recently unveiled the latest renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra designed by Parvez Khan. In addition to the classic white and black options, there are three more color options. Colors are green, red and purple. The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra still use very distinctive camera modules. At first glance at the back, you can't help but notice the appearance of the camera module. Looking at the different colors in the renders, the white version looks very attractive.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Judging from the previous shots, this series will be with a direct screen. Thus, the overall design will not differ significantly from the previous generation products. However, it will come with some significant hardware configuration upgrades.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be very different from the other two in terms of style. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is more like the Galaxy Note 20 series. As the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Note series can be described as the memories of an entire generation. Each generation has its own unique strengths. For many users of the old Note series, this will be a very attractive product.

In terms of configuration, it was previously announced that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be split into Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen1 versions depending on the region. Among them, the Exynos 2200 integrates AMD RDNA2 GPU IP into its own chip to make up for Samsung's GPU shortcomings. They will have a 120Hz refresh rate screen, 108MP main camera, stereo speakers, wireless charging, water resistance and other features. These smartphones will also support a 5000mAh high capacity battery that supports 45W fast charging. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S22 series in early 2022 (most likely in February).

Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships with ultra-bright displays

Sammobile confirms the Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra Super AMOLED panels can reach the standard 1200 nits brightness level. The peak display brightness of these two models can reach 1750 nits. In contrast, the standard and peak brightness of the Samsung Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy Ultra are 1300 nits and 1500 nits, respectively. The screen quality of the Galaxy S22 + and S22 Ultra deserves special attention.

"Peak brightness" means the highest brightness level that the screen can achieve when the display is active in auto mode. In an environment that is too bright - usually outdoors, peak brightness is automatically activated.

“Standard Brightness Level” is the maximum brightness of the display in manual mode. It does not increase the brightness level in light / outdoors. This means that the maximum brightness level must always be higher than the standard (manual) level.

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